Bloorview Kids Rehab

Timeline, Displays and Interactives

Bloorview Kids RehabSeveral displays and interactive experiences were installed in the corridor leading to the pool off the main lobby. The purpose was to highlight the rich history and current activities of the centre. The flagship exhibit is the timeline, printed on fabric stretched over a metal frame. It involved the development of a new fabrication technique for this exhibition. Installed low for wheelchair and children level access were two simple interactives – audio stories and symbolics. Further along the hallway are presentations of staff achievements, new technologies and programs, and a video of kids just being kids having overcome their disability. The exhibition is placed in a high profile area of the new building and required astute attention to aesthetic detail while fulfilling it’s functional requirements.

Bloorview Kids Rehab 2This was a relatively small exhibition but required all the different elements of a larger show, from electronics development on to installation coordination. Mystus has a proven tracking and management system that carried the project through without surprises. The biggest challenge beside the actual fabrication development of the fabric timeline, was to keep the project on budget over such a long development time without losing the richness of visitor experiences. 

Date:      Spring 2006                                                                 

Skills:    Electronics, Audio-visual, Fabrication, Installation