Flood Model Interactive, Wisconsin, USA

Sculpture, water system, housing design, fabrication, 2004

Our client, Derse Exhibits, hired us to provide a full turnkey exhibit from development to fabrication for the Kickapoo Valley Visitor Center in Wisconsin.

The Flood exhibit illustrates the phenomenon of resistance to flooding in forested areas compared with farmed areas. The visitor chooses from two buttons to make it rain on the forested or farmed regions. Rain on the farmed region quickly runs off and floods the lowlands because the river can’t handle the amount of water. On the forested side however the water is absorbed into the absorbent toweling and is released to the river over a longer time without flooding.

This exhibit required attention to many details including the subtleties of water flow over the model, creating a design to minimize mold build up, water conditioning, timing was critical, water leak prevention, robustness of components and simplifying for ease of routine maintenance.

Flood Model

Timeframe:     August 2004 – September 2001

Skills:               Design, Sculpture, Water Systems, Project Management, Fabrication