D-Day Kiosk

D-day Kiosk

Exhibit: We’re All in This Together
Venue: National D-Day Museum
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date: November 2002
Client: National D-Day Museum, Lord Cultural Resources
Contributors: Mystus: active components, graphics, installation, programming; Lord: project management, design, housing fabrication

Visitor Experience:
We’re All in This Together tells the amazing story of The United States’s historic homefront contributions during WWII. This large-scale exhibit is comprised of state-specific kiosks designed to educate visitors about each state’s special role in war production, military training and other homefront activities. These stories are told through a wealth of engaging materials such as archival photographs, video, audio and text materials. Mystus made it all come to life by employing our full range of products and services. The kiosk is a beautifully designed, wheelchair accessible, stand-alone exhibit with a searchable and updateable database, archived feedback, interactive quiz, and “e-postcard” function. Ultimately, every state in the US will have one or more customized kiosk exhibits including hardware and customized software; a master CD-ROM set, and a video production of the state Governor’s introduction.

Client Requirements:
To educate and memorialize WWII state homefront histories in a customizable and updateable stand-alone multimedia exhibit for distribution in every state capital.

Mystus Expertise:
Mystus applied a large volume of integrated programming solutions with original graphics, design and video production, extensive archival research, and custom hardware production.

Unique Features:
The kiosk is a fully searchable and updateable database with interactive user feedback; a fun and educational interactive quiz game; e-postcard that allows visitors to send a WWII image with message via the internet; state-specific CD-ROM with customized content; customized housing and hardware (with optional large screen); State Governor video introduction.

*Project Challenges: 
Perhaps our most comprehensive project to date, We’re All in This Together required an unprecedented amount of programming expertise and planning, multimedia production and exhaustive testing.