Drop Tower, Nashville, Tenn., USA

A 25’ interactive experiment in weightlessness

News of our work at the Phaeno Science Museum in Germany made its way to Nashville. In particular they were intent on having a Drop Tower weightlessness exhibit. This version was to be 25 feet high!. Mystus took the challenge using radio transmission of the video signal to replace the cables used previously.

Drop Tower

Drop Tower 2





Drop Tower 3


Mystus developed,fabricated and installed all elements. The 25’ welded steel frame was a particular challenge, keeping it straight. Baked automotive paint was used as the finish.

The experiments are created on separate carriers that can be changed in and out by staff during group demonstrations.

The visitor is invited to raise the drop box to the top, focus on the view from the camera’s eye inside the box and shown on the monitor, and let it go.


Timeframe:      2007 – 2008

Used Skills:    Electronics, microprocessors, metalwork,

                        millwork, installation